Radisson Blu Resort & Spa

The resort is just steps away from pristine beaches and within a walking distance of beautiful countryside, Only 35 km from the airport.

It will take only 20 min to find yourself in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, protected under UNESCO's World Culture Heritage list - Or to visit 500 years old Trsteno arboretum ; a Gothic -Renaissance park surrounded with the 15 century summer villa of the patrician family Gucetic along with the Baroque fountain supplied with water from a 70 m long aqueduct.

Elaphite Islands are pearls which you can visit by boat, in a small romantic cruise. This archipelago is composed of 8 islands, 5 islets and numerous reefs and rocks but only 3 islands are inhabited.You can see remains of many villas with small churches and chapels, sandy beaches and no traffic- the only sound comes from crickets singing hymn to the summer.

No wonder Dubrovnik nobility built their summer manors here!The hotel has its own luxury fleet for all transfers and excursion services/tour guide office.

Ring 39 618 618 – eller skriv, så vender vi hurtigt tilbage.