House of Waine

House of Waine is an 11 bedroom luxury boutique hotel on 2.5 acres that blends the
elegance of gracious living with the spirit of modern Africa in an exclusive and serene setting.

Our aim is to provide our guests with an experience that exceeds all their expectations of city hotels and is punctuated by personalised, friendly and excellent service and cuisine in beautiful surroundings.

House of Waine is a family owned and run property and this is reflected in the name Waine which is made up of the initials of the family members.
Originally a family house, it was lovingly converted to a boutique hotel and eventually opened in 2004. The interior design takes its cue from the Matriarch of  the family and is imbued with a timeless elegance much like her.

House of Waine is the realisation of a generations long dream that all started with our maternal Grandfather, an entrepreneur who started a “mkahawa” or coffee shop in Mwiria Village in Meru in the 1950’s.

Like our Grandfather and Mother we take a practical yet warm approach to hospitality.


Ring 39 618 618 – eller skriv, så vender vi hurtigt tilbage.