Ngapali - Amata Resort

Ngapali beach is a very pleasant beach resort natural and unspoilt - a place for peace and tranquility- the best ground for sunbathing and recreation such as beach strolling, cycling etc. Ngapali beach is one of the famous land for resort, and second largest beach in the Southeast Asia. The sunset of Ngapali Beach is beyond description an experience for any visitor to Ngapali Beach, domestic or international. The Amata resort is a one of its kind resort located near the delightful Mya Pyin Village at Ngapali beach, Myanmar.

The Amata resort & spa, Myanmar's most exclusive international beach resort hotel, stretches along the beautiful shoreline of Ngapali, Myanmar's premier beach. The resort covers more than five acres of tropical wonderland and guests are luxuriously accommodated in seventy teak, bamboo, cane and rotten cabana, bungalows and suites. The resort is flanked by a 400 metre seaside boardwalk.

The Amata resort was designed by the state-of-the-art-New York architectural firm, Spine, with a brief to capture the languid beauty of a traditionally Asian setting. The Amata resort has every 5 star facility that a business of leisure traveler could wish for, yet with its Myanmar architecture, lush gardens and cool river breeze has all the tranquilly of a resort hotel. The result is an exquisitely modern resort that basks in the luxury of tropical South East Asian.

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