Casa Dell’Arte Residence

Turkey’s first contemporary boutique art hotel, Casa Dell’Arte Residence is a unique seafront, stylish hotel located in one of the most enchanting spots of Bodrum, the old fishermen’s village of Torba.

Luxurious yet never ostentatious, the Casa Dell’Arte Residence lives and breathes the aesthetic and cultural atmosphere of past, present and the future. Old stones from Kayseri and one-of-a-kind antique door from Edirne were used in the hotel’s construction. Every stone, every painting, every sculpture at the hotel is an original piece of artwork. The Büyükkusoqlu Family Collection is exhibited throughout the hotel; in the lobby, in the rooms, in common areas, in the garden and even by the pool for the guests’ enjoyment.

Guests can wake up facing contemporary Turkish masterpieces by Fikret Mualla or Nuri İyem, have breakfast aside a Komet, sip champagne while watching a Botero or dine in a room with sculptures that one would have a chance to view maybe only in a contemporary art museum. There are over 200 Turkish paintings displayed at the hotel, the pieces displayed at the public areas are revolving every year.

For the ultimate peaceful, romantic vacation and due to high value of the artworks exhibited in the rooms and the public areas, we are not able to accommodate guests below the age of twelve in the residence section.

Ring 39 618 618 – eller skriv, så vender vi hurtigt tilbage.