Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto’s latticed pavilions are a contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inn, strikingly minimalist in their geometry, and each serving as a window onto their spectacular natural surroundings. The interiors are spacious and light-filled – ingeniously crafted to foster peace, relaxation and contemplation at every turn. The intimate scale of the pavilions and their considered placement within the garden respects, on one hand the simplicity and appropriateness of traditional Japanese architecture, while on the other allows these contemporary buildings to exist and breathe with the landscape, as if it had been contemplated.

Set within easy reach of Kyoto's most important sites, Aman Kyoto is a one hour drive from Osaka International Airport (ITM) and a two hour drive from Kansai International Airport (KIX). The resort can also be reached by a 30-minute drive from Kyoto train station, where guests will be met upon arrival. 

Ring 39 618 618 – eller skriv, så vender vi hurtigt tilbage.