Karnali Lodge

Set on the edge of Royal Bardia National Park, Karnali Lodge allows visitors the chance to explore the most undisturbed wilderness area in the terai lowlands. The villages of the indigenous Tharu people surround the park and the jungle lodge embraces much of the Tharu architecture offering a mix of nature, culture and adventure.

Karnali is an intimate lodge with ultra personal service and expert guiding. It is a calming, soothing retreat with a focus on fresh organic produce.

Bardia National Park is a world away from the chaotic hustle of Kathmandu. An area of extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife, a visit to Karnali Lodge is a journey of adventure and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

With Nine newly decorated rooms each with an adjoining bathroom, Karnali Lodge is the epitome of comfort with a focus on privacy and calm. The rooms, designed to minimize their impact on the environment, are adorned in soft natural colors and fabrics. Karnali Lodge runs almost entirely on solar energy. 

Ring 39 618 618 – eller skriv, så vender vi hurtigt tilbage.