Hospes Palacio del Bailio - Cordoba

Hospes Palace del Bailío, the first and only five star hotel in Cordoba is located in the historical heart of the city of the caliphate, which was declared a Cultural Heritage site in 1982. The hotel is a fully realized combination of culture, wellbeing, art, history, cuisine and relaxation. Guests partake of a vivid experiences as they enjoy the flavours of the region at the Senzone Restaurant & Tapas Bar, relax in the impressive rare plant garden, have an aperitif overlooking the nearby ruins of a Roman villa, or at the Bodyna Spa, which provides access to the most remarkable ancient Roman spas in the city.

The Palace, mainly built between the XVI and XVIII centuries, was originally one of the large properties in the allotment of Cordoba after the Reconquest and was declared Bien de Interés Cultural (Well of Cultural Interest) in the Monument category in 1982.

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