Turquoise merges with sapphire as the lagoon meets the ocean at the edge of the reef. Unique experiences. Original dining venues. Service dedicated to the desires of each guest. Architecture that celebrates and preserves the beauty of nature. Luxurious, intimate villas created with natural materials such as wood, stone and coconut thatch. A lifestyle that affords you the ultimate in luxury accommodation, the natural beauty that is exclusive to then Maldives, and the privacy of living in your own personal island hideaway.

Accommodation at the new Baros is gracious and luxurious, rendered in natural elemants like wood, stone and coconut thatch. The villas are set on stilts in the lagoon or on the edge of the ocean.

The interiors are awash in natural light. The mood is romantic, sensous and intimate. Technology enhances the classical and the natural.A duet of Continental and Oriental cuisines. The accent is on authenticity, creativity and aesthetics.

The restaurants are stylish and elegant and offer niches or privacy. The ambience evokes conversation and romance. And you are always by the ocean.

A tranquil spa where indulgence and time to just be is waiting for you. The atmosphere is one of fresh and vibrant energy. It's a spacious environment offering that rare sensation of feeling as if you have all the time in the world to daydream and siesta. Treatment rituals are based on sensual summer life - to restore balance and lightness of being.

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